Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V/A - Fuck Your Speakers Compilation Volume 2


FUCK YOUR SPEAKERS VOLUME 2 IS FINALLY HERE! NUMBER 2 in the series of MASSIVE compilations featuring the best in netlabel experimental electronics (including various forms of noise, breakcore, and metal)! Frequent Magicore contributors include Tooth_Eye, Kindergarten Hazing Ritual, RedSK, SDSA, Hlo, DJ Kaos, Sakura Pups, Trans.Atlantic.Rage, and Praytor (tooth_eye's short lived analog noise project) along with many, many others! Over 70 artists and 100 songs! I've been listening to it all morning and its dope! Despite the number of artists and tracks, everything fits and flows superbly. Whoever had the pleasure of creating the track list did a great job! Ranging From aggressive harsh noise to underground hip hop, breakcore to minimal ambient this release has it all! Its also a great way to hear some new musicians you haven't heard yet! There is even a music video! DON'T MISS THIS!!!!!!!!

Thanks to TrashFuck Records, Torn Flesh Recordings, Kitty on Fire Records, and Cherry Blossom Dog Recordings!
also to Altered States Reflections and a nod to everyone else here at Magicore who helped out!
This was really an effort by the "scene" as a whole, and a positive example for how we can all work together!

The entire 821.1 MBs of the compilation!



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