Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tooth_Eye + Little Mack + Gickstep + Stiverson + Dental Work!

Placenta Recordings #132:


1. Tooth_Eye - Ball Lickin RedSK At Xmas Time! (Remix Of RedSK)
2. Tooth_Eye - Nin Nin
3. Tooth_Eye - Panties Sliding Of A Perfect Anime Ass
4. Tooth_Eye - Running To The Safety Of The Kampfer Tree
5. Tooth_Eye - Terrax
6. Tooth_Eye - You Can Do This On An Analog Synth In How Long
7. Little Mack - Acid Well
8. Little Mack - Bring On The Transformers
9. Little Mack - Magnatyte
10. Little Mack - What’s Buzzin
11. Gickstep - Ambient Creepstep
12. Gickstep - Canadian Breakcore
13. Gickstep - Furby Bloodbath
14. Gickstep - History Class
15. Gickstep - Maoka
16. Stiverson - Knots
17. Stiverson - Samck
18. Dental Work - 380 Under The Couch (Top 40 Mix)

Tooth_Eye is from Chicago, IL
Little Mack is from Detroit, MI/Ann Arbor, MI
Gickstep is from Lansing, MI/Mason, MI
Stiverson is from Detroit, MI
Dental Work is from Traverse City, MI/Detroit, MI/Chicago, IL/Oakland, CA

Order A Copy for $5! Cash/Moneygram (Made out to: Jay Watson) ONLY!

Placenta Recordings
P.O. Box694
Beulah, MI

Thursday, June 16, 2011

tooth_eye - Lost in Onnet Town, USA


"Lost in Onnet Town, USA" is a new EP featuring collaborations with and remixes of RedSK, Hlo, Evil Robot Ted, and Sid Yiddish. 8 songs of experimental noise, glitch, ambient, and all kinds of "cores" mashed together.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hlo/Tooth_Eye - Cross-Bred Tengu Radio Riot


Hlo and Tooth_Eye bring dat glitched out noise you've come to love. a grand mixture of circuit bent glitch, breakcore, and weird samplecore noise. the soundz on this album really do make you think you are stuck in a "Cross-Bred Tengu Radio Riot"!


[RR.72] tooth eye – kiryu’s internal demise

old skool tooth_eye rereleased on robo! robotica. dive into a bowl of "crushing chip breaks with spooky ambient clusters," part of a complete breakfast.