Friday, May 27, 2011

Ethnomite Pux remixes Tooth_Eye - Sabrine Maui Dirt MIx


Ethnomite Pux REMIXED my new album Kiryu's Internal Demise, as soon as it dropped, and it came out fuckin SICK. lots of dubby breaks, chipbreak songs turned to background noise, lots of samples of blow jobs and some one yelling tooth_eye and slam it! slam it!. a great 30 min listen


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tooth_Eye, Dental Work, Little Mack, Sir.Vixx, Watabou, RedSK, Kessenchu Live @ Ann Arbor



Playing Michigan for his first time Tooth_Eye brings forth some of the finest breakcore Chicago has to offer. Nothing short of a veteran Tooth_Eye has been producing breakcore and releasing albums for nearly a decade now! Dont miss out!

Sir Vixx

Another chicago breakcore wizard. Juggling in between making breakcore and signing with his punk rock band Sir Vixx has non stop hardcore breaks that pound as hard as nails. Keepin chopped up beats alive!

Dental Work

Jaw Watson. One of the most motivated productive people I know. Come see what noise music is all about. With seriously near a hundred releases and splits Dental Work annihilates sound and devastates everything.

Little Mack

Psychedelic breakcore gabber moniker Little Mack coming through once again to light the place on fire. Fast driven breakcore with a splash of psychedelia and gabber kicks always makes the kids bang their fists. Over a decade strong!


Breakcore screamo glitch warrior Watabou is new and fresh on the scene and is making a huge impact! Garaunteed to make you move and pump your fist. Keeping that super hard vocal driven breakcore alive!!!


Harsh noise. Extreme filth. RedSK is an unstoppable wave of noise drenching all innocent bystanders in its way. When hes not spittin rhymes with his gutter rap hes killing audio and leaving rubble behind.


Hyper DnB booty fresh beat dance madness! Come tear da club up snd get hype!