Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Siro040] RedSK - Same Song Remixes


great new remix album from RedSK and friends. this project began all the back in 09 and it was worth the wait. Remixes from IAMCANCER, Praytor aka tooth_eye, Nathan Watson, Hitlerbuttsecks, MIXEDUPMESS aka Hlo, and soooo many more. 2 CDs worth of material here all from talented artists within the Noise community. but this is more than just your average noise album. the original track "Same Song" contained awesome Grindcore and Hip Hop samples, allowing for some very interesting outcomes.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Placenta Family Tree - Disc 5


really awesome new compilation from Placenta Recordings, child of the great Dental Work. containing tracks from SOOO many awesome artists including Tooth_Eye, Little Mack, RedSK, Watabou, FluID, Crank Sturgeon, and more more more. ranges from harsher noise tones to melodic breakcore blipcore nonsense. theres alot more in there, yet descriptions do fail.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Tooth_Eye, Dental Work, The Kremlin, others Show April 14th


Friends! Join us in the gritty city of wind AKA Chicago, IL for a night of the weirdest sound and performance art known to (wo)man. This is the 2nd date of Dental Work's "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas Tour", and any and all support will be much obliged!

Dental Work (Traverse City, MI Extreme Psychedelia/Pee Pee Noise/Anxious Jazz/Puke Grind Cereal Box Rapist!)

Fatale (Chicago, IL Female Harsher Than Your Noise Walls!)

The Kremlin (Chicago, IL Massive Headache Trio Spectacular!)

Morales Phallus (Chicago, IL Ear Torture/Aural Sodomy Maste!)

Feedbacula (Chicago, IL Darkwave Daytrippers Fantastique!)

Be sure to come on out and support some of the few soldiers of experimental that still dare to dwell in Chicago, the last bastion against the hipster invasion!

Tooth_Eye (Oak Park, IL 90's Laced Pot Smoking Breakcore Gangsta!)

All of this extremely interesting art and music, for $5! All of the money helps fund Placenta Recordings, so help us keep weird ass music burning!