Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[CBD020]VA - The Anti-Beiber Split


4 way split over 4 months in the making! (6 months actually) Myself and Sakura Pups have been almost continually working on getting this album put together and released. We had about 5 different line ups of artists for this release, with too many problems to name. BUT we finally got it together and put out and we are fuckin happy about that! the final line up is great! Sakura Pups, Tooth_Eye, Death of a Scene Kid, and That Horrible Red Ruler. We each bring our own unique style of disgust in the musical forms of breakcore, digi grind, collage noise, and so many more... all for the lil Beiber man. Who woulda thought that a 16 yr old boy with the worst possible dyke haircut could become so popular? Well i tell ya what, we sure dont like it! SO FIND OUT WHY NOT! OF COURSE THIS ALBUM IS FREE!


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